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Sales teams spend an average of 70% of their time setting up the time to talk.



Outsourcing appointment setting services to B4Bdemand would allow your business to leverage the proficiency of the outsourcing partner and improve the efficiency of the employees within the organization.

The primary objectives of appointment setting calls are to filter prospects, generate interest, benchmarking expectations and scheduling a 30-min teleconference meeting. 


We have an expert group

of appointment setters who reach out to Decision maker/Influencer and present them your product/services and schedule a meeting with your sales team, so they can make the deal. 

Skilled telemarketing

No-one loves calls from telemarketers, who think about just themselves. We prepare our group to be "Courteous" with nuts and bolts behavior.

Product proficient

We take our time to comprehend your product completely and prepare our telemarketers likewise. This encourages them to be definitive with their data and on calls. 


We ensure

that our telemarketers have satisfactory specialized information about your product and can deal with the telephone class with behaviors. 

What makes us stand out?

  1. We communicate with our clients to get a solid understanding of their business needs and devise a roadmap to maximize the results.


  2. Create a precise database of your target industry & titles.


  3. Compose a call direct that features your product/services and conclude it with your endorsement. 

  4. Prepare our agents and they begin calling.


  5. Get rid of inadequate leads and set up a meeting with interested prospects.

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