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Appointment Setting


Shorten your sales cycle and allow your sales team to focus on doing what they are best at - Closing! 



Appointment Setting

Sales teams spend an average of 70% of their time setting up the time to talk.

An effective B2B appointment setting services are required to schedule sales opportunities and generate qualified leads.

Why should you Outsource appointment setting services to B4Bdemand?

Live Transfer's

We coordinate and manage communication between your sales team and decision-makers that are in the market and in a process of Evaluating products and services offered by your company.

How is this different from any other marketing strategy?

Sales Qualified Leads

Let us do the annoying and time-consuming job of cold calling the leads and qualifying them, while you allow your sales team to work on hot prospects and focus on doing what they are best at - closing! 

We start by identifying leads that fit right for your product/ service and deliver your value proposition, understand their needs, current solutions, pain points, and what will motivate them to make a move. 

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